09 Hurricane El Nino1 (Infos unter Google.com) und unter

Diese Arbeit ist abgebildet in dem Buch: Divine Wind: The History and Science of Hurricanes ...
In "Divine Wind", Kerry Emanuel, one of the world's leading authorities on hurricanes, gives us an engaging account of these awe-inspiring meteorological ...The History and Science of Hurricanes Department of Earth Kerry Emanuel Professor, ... 220, Peter Valentiner, Hurricane Number 27, El Nino, courtesy the artist, ...



Hurricane El Nino1 (No. 09),1998-2001,
dispersion color/ink on watercolour
paper Arches, grainfin 640g/m2,
60x40 inch.

Hurricane El Nino1 (Nr. 09),1998-2001,
Dispersionsfarbe/Tusche auf Papier
aquarelle Arches, grainfin 640g/m2,
152,4 cm x 101,6 cm

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